On Twitter-ing and Better Writing Skills

In checking out other bloggers, I came across this blog http://www.copyblogger.com/twitter-writing/  After reading,  I’m taking this concept further.  To write concisely will make you a better speaker, a better communicator in general.  As I seek alternative words to communicate by using only 140 characters, I can feel  my brain cells spark.  A great exercise is to write a paragraph as you normally would, then analyze it, cut and replace words and thoughts to laser beams of accuracy.  

Here is a summary in 140 characters. 

Writing with choice words to create clarity and purpose, will lead to fewer but more purposeful words spoken, all while exciting your brain!


One Response to “On Twitter-ing and Better Writing Skills”

  1. Pam Shattuck Says:

    That is great information about writing. Something for me to think about.

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